Known to the world as The One Man Army, he forged himself in warfare of hundreds of projects, eating deadlines for breakfast, making impossible look easy. It’s not that he thinks outside the box, it’s just he is not aware of box’s existence. His capacity to impress makes journalists wonder, if he is even a human? Well, he always delivers, rest is irrelevant.


Born with ultimate knowledge, he is not physically capable of producing anything but good. His native sense of beauty multiplied by infinite passion to his work made him a big name worldwide despite the young age. Graceful simplicity of his work turns heads and breaks hearts. Being experienced typographer he respects the past, but lives in the future, always on the edge, always ten steps ahead.

Handpicked by the Universe, he is the ultimate music weapon, destroying minds, bending wills and capturing souls. Directly connected to the flow, he is the unparalleled in both composing and performing. Feeling the essence, knowing the science, bringing extra level of love and uniqueness to the product through his work. He. Is. Cosmic.

He captures the motion in its true perfection, freezes the flow in its infinite beauty. He can make your print sign and your brand fly! Jack of branding, design, print, photography and cinematography trades and true master of them all. Iseedeadpxls destroys the limits to what Nord can achieve.

Nord Collective


Joined forces back in 2013, we’ve combined years of experience with progressive vision to create something more than just another motion graphic design studio. We create timeless things by mixing future-proof concepts with classic approaches. We cover widest range of artstyles and techniques, we excel in illustration, animation, motion design and direction. We also enjoy creating computer games, custom fonts, branding and identity.


We do tenders, work with agencies, big corporations and tiny startups.


We are always in motion: evolving, advancing, creating commercial stuff and personal projects, taking part in art festivals and contests.


We are recognised by Mass Media online and offline, loved by people, respected by industry.


We are always open for new opportunities.


We Are Nord!